Team St. Jude Heritage

2nd Annual SJHH March Madness Charity Basketball Tournament

On Saturday, March 21, 2020, our St. Jude Heritage team will compete in the second annual SJHH March Madness Charity Basketball Tournament, held at Hope International University (HIU) in Fullerton. Our goal is to not only take home the 1st place trophy on the court, but also be the winning fundraising team!

$1,295 of USD $5,000.00 raised!

Our dedicated team of medical professionals, staff, and administration is excited to support Concern America, a Santa Ana-based organization that trains community members to provide health care services, build water systems, and form income-generating cooperatives in economically impoverished regions in Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia. Concern America focuses on building local capacity so that communities themselves can address their most pressing needs.

Since its establishment in 1972, the organization has worked in fifteen countries on four continents, making a measurable difference in the lives of more than two million people in thousands of communities. SJHH has a long history of support to Concern America, and some of its members have supported the training to the community health practitioners in Guatemala.


Your Impact


  • Can help provide a stethoscope for a Health Practitioner

Diabetic Care

  • Can help provide diabetic care for a patient for one year

Clean Water

  • Provides clean water for a person through village water system for 20 years

Medical Training

  • One year of medical training for a Health Promoter Practitioner


  1. Jason Jilk

  2. Shelly Lummus

  3. Christian Lising

  4. Rupa Reddy


  6. rebecca penera

  7. Alfred Moon

  8. Tina Roth

  9. Anne Ford

  10. Alex Leung